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It’s essential to keep your feet warm and comfortable for an enjoyable ride in lower temperatures. The Atlantic socks are designed with a 3D round knit construction and feature a base of super soft PrimaLoft® yarns for a high level of comfort and insulation during rides in the autumn or winter. P..
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The Charger socks will keep your performance at the highest level on the street or track. They’ve been developed with a special 3D round knit construction that actively regulates heat and wicks moisture away from the skin. This way the rider can fully focus on the next apex. PROTECTION FEATURES ..
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Take on the urban jungle with the Javelin socks. The 3D round knit construction of the Javelin actively manages heat and wicks moisture away from the skin. Specially designed to use with our collection of urban footwear. PROTECTION FEATURES Outer shell multi yarn polypropylene polyamid..
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The Rift socks are designed to keep your feet and legs comfortable while using a knee brace during active off-road riding. The 3D round knit construction has been designed to actively regulate heat and wick moisture away from the skin. The elastic LYCRA® material used on the upper part of the sock w..
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Experienced riders know that, for a good tour, the right clothing is just as crucial as technical skill. Dry, comfortable feet help you perform better. The Air conditioning Channel® of the REVIT! SUMMER TOURING socks is climate control for your feet, actively and continuously regulating excess heat ..
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The fabrics used in our socks quickly wick moisture away from the skin, while ventilation channels keep the feet cool, dry, and comfortable. To our WINTER TOURING socks we add pure Marino wool for extra insulation, to keep your feet warm, even on the longest winter touring ride. The anatomically sha..
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The Trident summer socks will keep your feet fresh so you can stay comfortable during your motorcycle rides in higher temperatures. The highly breathable 3D round knit construction has been specially designed for active heat management and moisture regulation to keep your feet feeling their best dur..
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