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Like all our luggage designs, you can mount EXFIL-7 anywhere. On our personal bikes we've mounted over-stuffed EXFIL-7's on the down tube, over the headlight on tall risers, and on both sides of the sissy bar. A pair of EXFIL-7's will hang perfectly on H-D fender struts to create a set of mini saddl..
440.27 RON
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BY CITY Dakar The By City Dakar Backpack, designed in the purest classic style without leaving aside the latest advances, are manufactured combining the best waxed cotton with the highest quality leather. They are designed to be used when riding a motorcycle and when you get off it. With its univ..
717.72 RON
Ex Tax:717.72 RON
Polyester outer with waterproof cover Attaches to belt with adjustable strap around thigh Reflective strip adds visibility Waterproof zipper Track bag also features transparent window for touchscreen 1.5 Litres..
129.92 RON
Ex Tax:129.92 RON
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