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DAYTONA Canvas 10 liter. Green. Approx. dimensions: 35cm wide x 30cm high x 9cm deep. Canvas is probably the most widely used material when it comes to extreme durability. Applications range from the canvas as used for paintings all the way to postage bags and military bags and that for ..
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DAYTONA HenleyBegins Universal polyester saddlebag. Comes with D-rings for a secure mount. Saddlebag includes 4 universal mounting straps for installation. With D-rings to install a shoulder strap for off-bike use. A shoulder strap is not included. Single bag: Capacity: 15 liter Max load:..
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DAYTONA HenleyBegins Throw-Over Dual Canvas Saddlebags, 2x10 Liters Universal polyester throw-over saddlebags. Comes with bottom D-rings and a top strap for a secure mount. The dual saddlebags have: Capacity: 2 x 10 liter Max. load 2kg per bag Approx. dimensions: 280mm high 350mm wide x..
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DAYTONA Universal Saddlebag Symmetrical saddlebag for either left or right side universal use. Comes with a variation of mounting options on the rear side. Includes leather and nylon mount straps but can be used with virtually all mounting material. Saddlebags are reinforced to help maintain..
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KURYAKYN Momentum Outrider Throw-Over Saddlebags Throw-overs are a classic since the Pony Express, and for good reason. Maximum on luggage, quick on/off and in the Kuryakyn Outrider version with a versatility Pony Express riders could only dream of. Use as a single or two individual suitcases or ..
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LEDRIE Single Leather Saddlebag A symmetrical full leather saddlebag, for either left or right side use. Reinforced with the HDPE back panel for sturdy, dependable mounting options. The reinforced backside allows drilling mounting holes in the required places to make this bag fit most appl..
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LONGRIDE Click-ON Retro Longride Heritage saddlebag only without mounting brackets. Designed to be used with model specific or universal 'Click & Lock' Longride saddlebag brackets. The low profile carrying handle is perfect for off-bike use. The Click & lock system makes it easy to remove..
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