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LETHAL THREAT Skeleton Bomber

LETHAL THREAT Skeleton Bomber
LETHAL THREAT Skeleton Bomber
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Embroidered Patch "Skeleton Bomber" 

Death from above depicted by the skeleton riding a bomb racing towards it's target. Done in grays, white and black this patch has that tactical look. Inspired by the nose art painted on bomber planes of World War 2. when those planes dropped the bombs, death was sure to reign down on those below. Perfect patch for a military style jacket, leather jacket or vest. Highly detailed embroidery, three hour of embroidery machine time.

  • Dimensiuni patch: 11.50 inches x 11.50 inches  (29.21cm x 29.21cm)
  • Laser cut to the shape of the design
  • Highly detailed embroidery, over three hours of embroidery machine time goes into this patch
  • Black felt backing fabric
  • Sewer friendly patch border for sew on application to leather
  • Heat seal glue backing for iron-on application for denim or cotton
  • Apply to jackets, vests, backpacks, car seat covers, saddle bags, etc.
  • Sew on application is always recommended over iron on application
Dimensions 29cm x 29cm

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