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Improved to feature Adaptive technology when using the high beam, in addition to the low beam Providing ditch-to-ditch lighting to eliminate dark corners on sharp turns and a punch of light 1,500 feet down the road to give you a safer and more confident ride to master the corners. On..
4,359.71 RON
Ex Tax:4,359.71 RON
The JW SPEAKER Model 8700 Evo 2 Dual Burn® is a drop-in replacement for 7″ round (PAR56) headlights. They have a distinctive look that dramatically improves driver’s visibility on a variety of vehicles—including trucks, motorcycles, classic cars and more. Features: Dual Burn® ..
3,440.89 RON
Ex Tax:3,440.89 RON
Super bright headlight unit with high and low beam CREE type LEDs and E-approval. Has no parking light, so may require installation of a separate light. Comes pre-wired with 3-post H4 connector. Fits almost any 5 3/4" headlight. A connector for use on selected Harley Davidson 2014-up models wit..
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