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All the great features of the original Ambush with smoked lenses, but with the additional clear frame front for interchanging lenses. Great for use as prescription safety glasses or safety goggles! The Ambush II features removable foam padding with anti-fog, smoked lenses and a black frame. 2 ..
230.15 RON
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This extreme sport eyewear includes open cell sweat absorbing foam around the frame for ultimate protection. A vented, flexible plastic frame encloses polycarbonate lenses and is low profile enough to fit under a helmet. Shatter Resistant Polycarbonate Lenses 100% UV Protection Thermoplast..
59.76 RON
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Wig Out over this interchangeable lightweight goggle with three sets of shatter-resistant polycarbonate lenses, including anti-fog smoke, amber and clear for multiple options while riding day or night. The sturdy polymer elastomer frame contains ventilation ports to prevent fogging while an adjustab..
145.81 RON
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This extreme sport eyewear includes open cell sweat absorbing foam around the frame for ultimate protection. A vented, flexible plastic frame encloses polycarbonate lenses and is low profile enough to fit under a helmet.The upgrade from Bugeye 2 to Bugeye 3 is the Photochromic lens which transitions..
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Ignite enthusiasm over these foldable goggles that are the perfect solution for any rider who needs quality, affordability and practicality. Not only do they come in a mini storage pouch for easy transport, but they also have a vented frame lined with closed cell foam to keep out wind and dust. The ..
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Our Crossover frame comes complete with removable closed cell foam and goggle strap. Go from sunglass with foam to goggle in seconds. This style has a comfortable wrap for all activities. Including polycarbonate lenses to protect your eyes from anything that may come towards them. Anti-Fog am..
192.62 RON
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Cruise with pride with this interchangeable goggle that features three easy to change polycarbonate lenses for continued use throughout the day and into the night. Sweat-absorbing open cell foam lines the frame, creating a cushioned fit while keeping out wind. Ventilation slits on each side of the f..
159.45 RON
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We've put a new look on one of our best long-standing goggles! The Cruiser 3 is our Cruiser 2 frame, with updated lenses. Total of 4 sets of anti-fog lenses include smoked, clear, amber and smoked with blue REVO mirror. These interchangable lenses sit on top of the frame for a modern fresh look. ..
257.42 RON
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The Decoder 2 has both style and function with its light changing lenses and ability to convert from a sunglass to a goggle.The temples easily release with our R.I.S. technology and quickly become a goggle with the included strap. The other unique feature is the closed cell foam, when attached the D..
292.65 RON
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Diesel is a well fitting interchangable lens goggle. Complete with open cell foam lined with fleece for comfort on the skin. Three sets of anti-fog lenses are included in smoked, yellow, and clear. These are a great set of goggles to keep handy for any ride. 3 Sets of Lenses: Anti-Fog Smoked..
289.33 RON
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Force is a frame we are so excited to bring you. With a removable magnetic closed cell foam, these are so easy to change from sunglass to sunglass with foam. Anti-fog photochromic lenses that go from clear to smoked with the intensity of light. Goggle strap included allows you to take off the temple..
532.77 RON
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The Night Hawk is an ideal goggle solution for any rider who requires prescription glasses or is simply interested in a high quality goggle. The goggle fits over most RX glasses and comes with a single anti-fog lens. The flexible polyurethane frame has double layer foam (neoprene and open cell) for ..
182.19 RON
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Rise to the challenge with this unique goggle that is the perfect solution for all outdoor enthusiasts. A distinct groove on each side accommodates standard prescription glasses, ensuring a comfortable fit and enabling all to ride in style. The flexible polyurethane frame creates a molded seal over ..
227.85 RON
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The Pilot showcases a combination of retro and modern styling with its sleek aviator styled black frame and leather-like cushioned padding. It also comes with interchangeable polycarbonate lenses that offers the ability to easily switch between smoked and clear lenses to accomodate an all-day ride i..
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Ultimate accuracy is provided with this aerodynamic goggle that provides comfort and flair while functioning flawlessly. Frame ventilation prevents lens fogging while the shatter- resistant, polycarbonate lenses ensure impact protection. The adjustable strap and flexible frame material create a vers..
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The Renegade has unique styling and convertible function that sets it apart from other eyewear in its class. The Renegade has photochromic lens or clear/smoked option. This eyewear also comes with removable closed cell foam to ensure a tear free ride while cruising. Can be used with temples as sungl..
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Regulate the road with this adaptable eyewear that is both convertible and interchangeable. Ideal for use any time of day or night and in any environment, this eyewear features four different sets of interchangeable polycarbonate lenses as well as a detachable, adjustable strap for quick conversion ..
273.40 RON
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Rip It Up! This rugged and reliable convertible eyewear converts from sunglass to goggle, allowing adaptation to any environment. Designed for maximum versatility for those with an active lifestyle, it features three sets of interchangeable lenses and closed cell memory foam around the interior fram..
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Ride smooth with this sleeker, more aerodynamic frame that converts from sunglass to goggle, adapting to essentially any environment or user requirements. For those with an active lifestyle, it features three sets of interchangeable lenses, each lined with closed cell memory foam to maximize comfort..
164.03 RON
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The Wrap Around is a goggle with a "frameless" single lens designed to maximize peripheral vision and protection while minimizing volume. Lined with soft, neoprene foam and held secure with an adjustable strap, this extreme wrap around goggle is effective and comfortable. Frameless Design ..
72.82 RON
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