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A street-oriented, full-leather combi suit for the sport-minded rider. Sport street riders can now enjoy the benefits of a one-piece motorbike suit but with the convenience of two pieces. Meet the Apex combi (aka our two-piece suit) for those fast riders who are looking for MotoGP-derived features b..
4,925.15 RON
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A track-ready, technical, full-leather one-piece suit for knee-dragging action. Appropriately named for the track day/race enthusiast, this leather getup has some serious ties to the MotoGP world thanks to its construction and included features. And just like in MotoGP, we’re constantly looking for ..
5,417.67 RON
Ex Tax:5,417.67 RON
The Argon one-piece suit is a well balanced mix of highly abrasion-resistant, partially ventilated leather and strategically placed stretch material allows you the right freedom of movement while knowing you are protected in case of an unfortunate mishap. Use it on the track or on the street since t..
3,940.11 RON
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High-performance sportive combi suit ready for touring adventures at any speed. The sport-influenced Beta combi motorbike suit offers an ideal combination of performance and comfort for the rider that loves touring - at all speeds. This outfit is rated at the highest CE-certified AAA level, all whil..
3,693.85 RON
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The Quantum 2 one-piece suit isn’t just style without substance. It comes with safety technology like the same BETAC shoulder, arm, and knee armor components used by much of the professional racing world, coupled with a full package of TPU and dual comp sliders and protectors at high impact and slid..
5,417.67 RON
Ex Tax:5,417.67 RON
You asked and we responded. Female track day enthusiasts have met their match in our Xena 3 Ladies one-piece suit. Building upon the reputation of our Xena 2 outfit, this one-piece offers a figure hugging fit that allows for full freedom of movement. The highly abrasion-resistant leather outer shell..
4,432.63 RON
Ex Tax:4,432.63 RON
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