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REV'IT Boxxer 2 H2O

REV'IT Boxxer 2 H2O
REV'IT Boxxer 2 H2O
REV'IT Boxxer 2 H2O
REV'IT Boxxer 2 H2O
REV'IT Boxxer 2 H2O
REV'IT Boxxer 2 H2O
REV'IT Boxxer 2 H2O
REV'IT Boxxer 2 H2O
REV'IT Boxxer 2 H2O
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The Boxxer 2 H2O is one of our most popular short-cuffed Urban riding gloves that prove their worth even in suboptimal weather conditions. The knitted cuff has become as much of a style feature as it is a functional part of the Boxxer 2 H2O, ensuring the wrist area is closed off snugly to prevent wind chill from reaching the hands when riding. The fixed hydratex® membrane makes it waterproof and breathable, while a cozy thermal liner keeps frost at bay on urban adventures in wintertime. A hard knuckle protector is incorporated in the strong outer shell, which together, make sure both impact protection and abrasion resistance are up to spec in case a ride ends less fortunately. The wrist adjustment tab is the final key in making sure these Urban riding gloves live up to their promise of providing protection and comfort when the weather doesn’t want to play ball.

Short-cuffed, full-leather, waterproof urban commuter gloves

  • Water-repellent 
  • Provides great grip/feel on the handlebars 
  • Added stretch for comfort 


  • Adjustability:
    • Adjustment strap at wrist
    • Stretch lips at fingers
    • Stretch lips at upper hand
  • Closure:
    • Elastic closure
  • Lining:
    • Tri-fleece liner
  • Features:
    • conductive fingertip at index finger
    • conductive fingertip at thumb
    • Knitted cuff
    • Suede leather visor wiper


  • Waterproofing:
    • hydratex®|Z-liner
  • Insulation:
    • Fiberfill®


  • Protection:
    • EVA foam finger knuckles
    • EVA foam thumb
    • Hard shell knuckle
    • PWR|Shield at palm
    • Temperfoam® palm slider
  • Outer shell material:
    • Connect finger tip fabric
    • Goatskin
    • Suede leather with WR finish
  • Visibility:
    • Reflection at back of hand

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