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"The 100% cotton Outlaw Chino sweater is a homage to the sweater worn By Lee Marvin in his role as Chino, the head honcho of the Beetles Motorcycle club’ in the all-time classic ‘The Wild One’ from 1953. The 13½ Chino Outlaw Sweater is not a remake or an exact copy. It’s a tribute to the original ye..
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The 13 and a Half Free Bird Outlaw sweater is a knitted, 100% cotton, lightweight sweater with striped sleeves. It has a modern fit and is a basic garment for your wardrobe...
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Inspired by the classic motorcycle-club sweaters from the olden days, 13 ½ brings you this knitted, 100% cotton striped sweaters. A basic garment for your wardrobe with a round neck and 12GG knit...
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