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HSR42 Smoothbore Carburetor Easy Kit 42-10 The 'Easy carb kit' requires the use of the stock CV manifold, choke cable, throttle cables and air cleaner. A High performance K amp;N air filter element or a complete Screamin' Eagle air cleaner kit can be used. Will require use of stock oval ai..
2,869.27 RON
Ex Tax:2,869.27 RON
MIKUNI HSR42 Total Carb Kit for Harley Davidson EVO models 1984-1999 The 'Total Carb kit' includes the carburetor, a high performance manifold, K&N high flow air filter assembly, chrome air cleaner cover and breather kit. Kit includes the redesigned 42mm smooth bore carb in a natur..
3,823.66 RON
Ex Tax:3,823.66 RON
MIKUNI Carburetor Rebuild Kit for HSR42 and HSR45 models Include top cover gasket, jet needle E-ring and washer, throttle valve seal, pilot air O-ring, fuel joint O-ring, accelerator pump O-ring, needle valve O-ring, needle valve retainer screw, needle valve assembly, float bowl O-ring/gasket,..
239.98 RON
Ex Tax:239.98 RON
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