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Who is not "Ready for Love"? We are all can use some good loving, but if you cross a Lethal Angel® be prepared for WAR!! Inspired by the volatile world we live in, a grande made out of flowers with 60's style psychedelic vibe, add some fringes and you have a really unique shirt. Let your freak fla..
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Lace and Motorcycles, sexy combination. Show your rebel side with this awesome shirt. Neon style colors make this graphic really pop. This black lace up tank top is perfect for day or night. 100% cotton, metal eyelets, adjustable tie up front lace cord, hand drawn designs, full color back and front..
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What girl doesn't feel invincible and sexy in high heels. Your ready to be know as "Hell on Heels" This shirt screams sexy!! Red foil accents to highlight this airbrushed style design really work with this soft black fabric. Split string back opening turns up the sexy appeal factor. Fabric - P..
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Ready to go on tour with the Midnight Rider band? Opening act is Lethal Angel!! Ok not a real band, yet, but maybe one day. We re-created the look of a vintage concert shirt from the 70's. Distressed front and back full color print, super soft material and some metal grommet accents for that Ro..
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Most Wanted for Crimes of Passion? Sounds like you? Our Bad Bettie Skull adorns this most wanted poster style graphic. Vintage hand drawn graphics, tie up lace front allows you to control the amount of sexy you are feeling and rhinestone accents will for sure accent that bad girl side of you. ..
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There is something captivating about the mixture of beauty and evil. Dia de Los Muertos, the Mexican celebration of souls long since departed and those they have left behind. This shirt features a beautiful 3D style print that is accented with a red background making the design stand out. A full col..
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Embroidered Patch "Angel Wings" Spread your wings and soar! That's exactly what you'll be doing with this Angel Wings Large Motorcycle Patch. This gorgeous large patch features stunning artwork embroidered on durable material, providing years of head-turning enjoyment wherever you put it. A dura..
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Embroidered Patch "Bandana Gorilla" What's even cooler than a gorilla smoking a cigar and wearing a bandana? A gorilla smoking a cigar and wearing a bandana on a classic embroidered patch. Our large motorcycle patches are all head-turners to be sure, but our rough and tough cigar-chomping gorilla is..
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Embroidered Patch "Biker from Hell" This design has been a top seller year after year. Perfectly blended gray skull, with dark gray accents, a highly detailed bandana with a detailed paisley bandana pattern with the entire design encircled in a metal chain. Perfect for the back of a jacket or vest..
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A killer design from the minds at Lethal Threat®. These cool motorcycle gloves are the perfect complement to your outlaw gear with reinforced palms and anti-slip grip. From the creative minds at Lethal Threat. Reinforced Palm True to size fit (Men’s) Stretchable breathable fabric Adjusta..
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We decided that we wanted a monochrome shirt design in our store, and we don’t think it could’ve turned out better than this. Upon discovering the world of motorcycles and kustom kulture, it’s hard not to have your mind completely blown by the sheer magnitude of passion behind it. This shirt epitomi..
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As we said in our other button down shirt listings, we do a limited production run and once the shirt is sold out that’s it, This Bombs Away shirt is the exception to the rule This shirt sold out in record time and the demand so great for a repeat production order we decided to make another limi..
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Embroidered Patch "Butterfly Chain" Dimensiuni patch: 11.50 inches x 11.50 inches  (29.21cm x 29.21cm)Laser cut to the shape of the designHighly detailed embroidery, over three hours of embroidery machine time goes into this patchBlack felt backing fabricSewer friendly patch border for sew on applic..
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Whether you’re handling a chopper you’ve worked on for years, or just an average cruiser, the motorcycle life is a life on the fringes. Living on the wild side can lead you to some extreme situations. If you get your hands too dirty though, you might find yourself with a one-way ticket to hell, and ..
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Here we have a fantastic and creative design idea in the Evil Iron Speed Shop. Looking for custom rebuilds infused with pure malevolence? Our team of illustrators conjured up the perfect imagery for a body shop from the underworld. The gnarly skull at the center is the perfect vessel for our voluptu..
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Popping wheelies has become a widespread part of motorcycle culture, the maneuver is as impressive as it is unmistakable. While our motto has always been “FTW” (Forever Two Wheels) we realize that it is a motto in need of expanding. This shirt was designed with the riders who like to take some verti..
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That’s what they call us...”Gearheads”. If it has an engine and wheels, we are all about it! Fast and Loud is the only way to serve up a dish of gearhead glory and that is what this shirt says with its aggressive design. Full front skull print and full Lethal Fast and Loud rear print. Ultra-so..
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Embroidered Patch "Gorilla Biker" Nothing compares to this bad ass Gorilla Biker tearing down the boulevard on his springer front end motorcycle. Perfectly blended grays, white and black threads make our Gorilla Biker a perfect addition to a black leather or denim vest or jacket.Dimensiuni patch: 11..
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You either love them or hate them, but for sure everybody has an opinion on clowns. This one turns the creep factor up a notch. These cool men’s motorcycle gloves are the perfect complement to your outlaw gear with reinforced palms and anti-slip grip. From the creative minds at Lethal Threat®. ..
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In a world filled with so many rules and expectations, just wanting to relax is too often considered a form of laziness. Even something as simple as smoking a joint connotes a deadbeat. If that’s the case, then you can consider us deadbeats, and proud ones at that. This shirt has another raging skul..
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