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A killer design from the minds at Lethal Threat®. These cool motorcycle gloves are the perfect complement to your outlaw gear with reinforced palms and anti-slip grip. From the creative minds at Lethal Threat. Reinforced Palm True to size fit (Men’s) Stretchable breathable fabric Adjusta..
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Here we have a fantastic and creative design idea in the Evil Iron Speed Shop. Looking for custom rebuilds infused with pure malevolence? Our team of illustrators conjured up the perfect imagery for a body shop from the underworld. The gnarly skull at the center is the perfect vessel for our voluptu..
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Popping wheelies has become a widespread part of motorcycle culture, the maneuver is as impressive as it is unmistakable. While our motto has always been “FTW” (Forever Two Wheels) we realize that it is a motto in need of expanding. This shirt was designed with the riders who like to take some verti..
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Embroidered Patch "Grab of Death"  Ahh, the "Grab of Death," for some, an act of joy, for others... well, it might get your hands chopped off, either way, this design was best seller on our hats and now you can slap it on any article of clothing you like. Dimensiuni patch: app..
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Embroidered Patch "Grenade Skull"  If you want peace, prepare for war! This is the theme of our Grenade skull patch. A hand grenade morphing into a skull with white gray wings. A perfect patch for a camo jacket, leather or vest. Dimensiuni patch: 11.50 inches x 11.50 inches  (29.2..
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One thing we all have in common is that one day we will all have a day we meet the Grim Reaper.  So live your life like there is no tomorrow.  Not going to be here for along time but for sure here for a good time. This highly detailed illustration depicts the grim reape..
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Embroidered Patch "Locked N' Loaded" Pick up a highly detailed Locked N' Loaded Bandana Skull Patch to let everyone out there know that your true, hardcore rebellious spirit will never die. This wicked patch features a skull crossing to big revolvers across his chest, right next to his boney head..
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Do you like to let everyone know you don't have a single f**k left to give? Welp, this is the one for you, this patch has an elegantly simple way of letting the world know you do not care and you ain't about to start. Patch size: 3.1 inches wide x 5.2 inches tall:  7.8..
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Even though you can’t choose the hand you're dealt in life, you can certainly choose how you play it. It doesn’t matter if you were born into wealth or don’t have a penny to your name, whether you sink or swim out in the world is up to you. We never had the luxury of easy lives here. We had to put o..
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Embroidered Patch "Reaper Finger" Be careful who you mess with?  Our reaper will always have the last laugh, so go F@ck yourself.  Done in perfectly blended gray threads,  this makes the perfect accent patch for a jacket or vest.  Add some instant attitude. Patch si..
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We have all either had a so-called “friend” who would take every chance they had to put you down when you weren’t around, or you knew someone else who did. The world is full of two-faced people, and if you aren’t careful, you could run into snakes like them your entire life. Our illustrators ca..
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Features: 35/65 Poly/cotton blend for comfort Generous sizing Lethal Threat Sleeve embroidery Lethal Threat buttons Full color back screen print Logoed neck tape Over pocket embroidery Two front chest pockets Snap down collar..
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Everyone can relate to the storytelling tradition of making a deal with the Devil. Someone puts everything on the line in exchange for money, talent, looks — but as soon as they get what they wanted, they come to realize that they have to pay a steep price, one that could amount to their lives. We h..
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It's the same old story: No guts, no glory. Suitable to wear only for those with peak testosterone levels, our Sinner's Speedway Skull Men's T-Shirt will add swagger to your every step. Your wife is banging the mailman; you kid is in the detention center; and all you want to do is squeeze as mu..
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Embroidered Patch "Skeleton Bomber"  Death from above depicted by the skeleton riding a bomb racing towards it's target. Done in grays, white and black this patch has that tactical look. Inspired by the nose art painted on bomber planes of World War 2. when those planes dropped the bombs, de..
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Tattoos will always be the ultimate mark of a rebel, but still, getting inked isn’t the cardinal sin that it used to be. For decades, tattoos were seen as just for criminals, outcasts, and maybe soldiers or sailors. In order to get one, you had to go to a shady part of town, usually after knocking b..
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Once the blade drops, you are split in two!  Man was it brutal in those days,  they cut your head off for stealing an apple.  Inspired by those times long gone, our skull executioner is busy apply his trade.  Better to be the Executioner then the victim.  Front mat..
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Here’s another incredible vehicle design on one of our shirts. It looks just like a classic hot rod drawing, but with a Lethal Threat twist. Fire blasting out the exhaust, smoke and dust in the air behind them, a skull on the grille, and a skeleton behind the wheel. If you’re looking for new clothes..
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Embroidered Patch "Vintage Skull Biker"  Add this Vintage Embroidered Biker Skull Patch to your patch collection. This black-and-white patch pays homage to the motorcycle rider culture from the 1960s and '70s. With a simple, but wicked design, this patch features a retro-appearing skull-..
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