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DAYTONA Canvas 10 liter. Green. Approx. dimensions: 35cm wide x 30cm high x 9cm deep. Canvas is probably the most widely used material when it comes to extreme durability. Applications range from the canvas as used for paintings all the way to postage bags and military bags and that for ..
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Allows you to monitor battery voltage and charging current and take action before problems arise. Measuring range 7.5 to 18 Volt. Comes with white backlight that will start flashing red when voltage drops below 12V. The gauge is IPX7 waterproof (30 minutes submerged in 1 meter of water) so extreme r..
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DAYTONA HenleyBegins Universal polyester saddlebag. Comes with D-rings for a secure mount. Saddlebag includes 4 universal mounting straps for installation. With D-rings to install a shoulder strap for off-bike use. A shoulder strap is not included. Single bag: Capacity: 15 liter Max load:..
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DAYTONA HenleyBegins Throw-Over Universal polyester throw-over saddlebags. Comes with bottom D-rings and a top strap for a secure mount. The dual saddlebags have: Capacity: 2 x 10 liter Max. load 2kg per bag Approx. dimensions: 280mm high 350mm wide x 100mm deep Note: A saddlebag s..
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DAYTONA Universal Saddlebag 12 liter dimensions approx. 27cm high x 36cm long x 12cm thick left or right use with rain cover and bottle holder..
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Daytona USB Type-C charging cable. Dedicated 12VDC automotive device Thin design provides a sleek fit Output: 5V/3A, 9V/2A, 12V/1.5A Easily connects the wiring with the included brake switch branching wire Fits handlebars with diameters of 16mm-32mm Safe design with 5A fuse Overcur..
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