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CROIALA: ICON® Jersey Fit MATERIAL: Poliester mesh (textil) DETALII: High Density Screen Printed Graphics..
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It’s too bad a duel isn’t declared with a good ol’ fashioned glove slap to the face anymore - because the 1000 Axys glove’s French cow and goatskin palm overlays would send the message loud and clear. D3O® inserts add reinforcement and the accordion flex zones ensure optimum performance while mainta..
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They say “don’t bring a knife to a gunfight,” but it’s probably in your best interest to come equipped with the Brigand glove. It loves a good rumble and doesn’t shy away from conflict. Its durable textile chassis is paired with a high-flow mesh backhand and knit nylon finger gussets for uncompromis..
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FIT: ICON shop shirt fit MATERIAL: 35% Cotton, 60% Polyester chassis, 5% Spandex FEATURES: Soft Stretch Textile Chassis, Front snap closure, Chest pockets..
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The ICON 1000 FAIRLADY represents a certain element of femininity that is often lost in motorcycle translation, the balance of girlishness juxtaposed with the mature confidence for women who dare to go rogue. The women-specific sport fit is comprised of a unique 3-layer waterproof/breathable textile..
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Being based out of Portland, Oregon means we at ICON require gear that can stand up to the onslaught of rain-soaked rides. We designed the Joker waterproof boot for those rain-soaked occasions and are happy to pass the dryness on to you. Full-grain leather uppers combined with a waterproof and breat..
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MATERIAL: 100% Bumbac DETALII: imprimeu serigrafiat..
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Get a firm grip, now squeeze and twist. The Nightbreed glove is purpose-built to last the fight. Its durable AxSuede Laredo chassis is paired with AxSuede Quattro fourchettes and neoprene flex zones, which creates a resilient yet comfortable riding glove. Touchscreen-enabled pointer fingers and thum..
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Achieve your inner Jean-Claude in the ICON 1000 Nightbreed pant. Its 4-way stretch chassis is rugged yet flexible, perfect for on and off the bike applications. When you step in the ring with Tong Po and are serving up some 360 crescents, you can kick freely knowing your pants come equipped with zip..
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It is yet again another late night, so what’s it gonna be, oh brothers? The city is filled with monsters, and perhaps tonight you’re one of them. The ICON 1000 Nightbreed jacket is your perfect accomplice. The stretch textile chassis combined with the ICON Sport Fit creates a jacket that’s light, ni..
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Sometimes we have to look back to move forward. The Retrograde boot is a prime example of this philosophy: classic silhouettes re-imagined using modern technology. A full-grain leather upper featuring a stamped alloy shin-plate provides true moto legitimacy, while a full-length rear zip provides eas..
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Retroskull™ Hoodie Screen printed water-based artwork on back and sleeves..
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Retroskull Jacket Heat-transfer graphics on chest and back..
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Retroskull™ T-Shirt Screen printed water-based artwork on front of shirt..
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FIT: FlexFit® 5 panel. MATERIAL: 9% Poly, 3% PU Spandex. FEATURES: Embroidered Front Logo..
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MATERIAL: 52% Bumbac; 48% poliester DETALII: imprimeu serigrafiat..
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You are avant-garde. A road-going rebel who won’t be constricted with two arm straps. You demand your precious cargo be slung across your back with the jaunty flair that only a Slingbag™ can provide. We’ve seen your shine and created our latest to fulfill your high-stakes, low-profile needs. The rol..
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MATERIAL: 100% Bumbac DETALII: imprimeu serigrafiat..
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CROIALA: ICON® Jersey Fit MATERIAL: Poliester mesh (textil) DETALII: Sublimated Graphics..
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CROIALA: FlexFit® 6 panel. MATERIAL: 92% Poliester, 8% Spandex. DETALII: constructie panouri fara cusaturi, logo cauciucat...
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